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All is One and You are it

"If deep inside your heart you know that you are a superhero, but you have not found your superhero name & costume yet, then this is where I invite you to start."

If you do not love animals, please move on. If you do love animal this is your place!
Yours truly, Noëlle Fueter

The Becoming of You Mastermind

Online Coaching
for Leaders

Noëlle helps actual and future leaders:

🦅 to follow their heart’s calling by unveiling their vision, mission & purpose

🦁 to create meaningful relationships

🐬 and to follow through by taking action with more joy, peace & clarity

🦋 All is One and You are It! 🧚‍♀️

Dogs & Dragons is an ecosystem of personal development courses which help you unleash the leader within you.

Disrupt the fear-based patterns which prevent you from being the leader you are and align with the love-based patterns of the animal kingdom for:

All you need is within you. Become the heart-centred leader you are by practicing the 4 A's of the Animal Code:

Let’s learn, practice and grow together through love-based workshops and heart-centred community.

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Dogs and Dragons’ Codes

Our Coaching Frameworks for Fulfilled Relationships and Life Success.

The Animal Code™

Level 1
Heart speaks to Heart
‘Cor ad Cor Loquitur’

The Mystical Code™

Level 2
Together we are one
'E Pluribus Unum'

About our Founder Noëlle

Noëlle is a former financial trustee turned trustee of the heart. She coaches in life people to safeguard their hearts and defy their fears.

Love Stories

Our Own Charity In Romania

Dogs and Dragons is committed to creating safe spaces for animals and people alike. Your support helps further this cause and create real impact around the world.

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We suggest you check out our private coaching for friends and family where you can nurture harmony through animal code ooaching.

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We suggest you check out our private coaching. Personalized guidance is the fastest way to nurture the potential of your team.

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We suggest you check out our private coaching for dog parents. Discover how to nurture a love story with your dog.

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We suggest you check out our Lion Leadership Sessions for Dog Parents - Online Event.

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