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for Dog Bonding Opportunity
by Anonymous
Which event did you most recently attend?Dog Bonding Opportunity
I would like to fill out the feedback form anonymouslyyes
What should we call you?Anonymous
On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 = HIGH), rate the quality of your experience with us:9
How did the experience compare your expectations?It was what I expected
We're glad to hear that. What in particular did you feel was helpful about the experience?The opportunity to share with others and to see that we are not alone :)
What was missing from your experience that you feel would have made an impact?I know it's not easy , but the possibility to discuss specific cases / situations
How likely are you to recommend the experience to a friend or loved one?9
Do you have any other questions or comments for us?Thanks for all the love, heart, brain and passion you put in creating this amazing moments for us <3