“Dogs never bite me.
Just humans.”

— Marilyn Monroe

There’s a story with two wolves where the baby wolf asks the grandfather, ‘So, what kind of wolf will I be: the one that kills people or the one that loves people?’

And the grandfather says to the baby wolf, ‘You will be the one you feed. You will be what you nourish within you. It's your choice and nobody else's.’

Are you nourishing fear or love in yourself and those around you?

A Love Letter to the World

Create Your Beautiful Inner State

At Dogs and Dragons we’re empowering people to have the courage to open their hearts fully, love without restraint and build lifelong relationships.

We are providing a practice of an experience of yourself, a possibility, an entry, a heartfelt gateway. We are the bridge of light, the doorway of love, because this is for all of us.

The only one who can create a ‘beautiful inner state’ is you.

But we can give you inspiration — show you an experience of yourself in which you are able to enjoy and to love yourself, acknowledge yourself, accept yourself, and uplift yourself, put yourself in a place where you become a magnet for good things happening to you, meeting good people and becoming a magnet for attracting abundance.

It's like a portal, opening the door for the voice of your soul to come in. And with these animal qualities, it becomes second nature for you.

Imagine a mother bear holding her cub, protecting her cub, caring for her little baby. And this is a bear. Imagine you are that baby held by your bear mother in a wonderful habitat.

That opens my heart.

A space where you can give selfless-service and also receive selfless service. And in that space of the heart, because self service is never rational. The brain would always say, are you crazy doing that?

You should look for your own survival.

You are in lack,.

You shouldn't give so much is, it’s always that voice of the ego saying, no, no, no.

You Deserve to be Happy

Animals don't get depressed unless they are in a cage or abused with no way out.

The same is true for humans.

If you feel depression, show me your cage. Where are you abused? Where do you have no way out? And let's hand in hand dissolve that and walk out of there.

So take your depression seriously. When the alarm sounds, don't turn off the alarm through any form of distraction. Look: what is going on that caused it?

And in my 10 years experience as a, as a humanitarian, so often people ask me:

"How can you look at all the misery?"

"How can you take it?"

"You know, I can't come with you. It breaks my heart. So I just turn away. I can't stand to see all these things."

Well, I understand there is a lot of compassion. I can hardly take it myself. I really understand. But if we become that weak so as not be able to take something anymore, that hurts us.

How can we Step in and Make the World a Better Place?

I created Dogs & Dragons as a gym, not a classroom. It’s not a place just to talk about intellectual ideas, but to take heartfelt action.

It's not a system just for people to feel better. It's not a wellness spa.

It’s an ecosystem for people who made a decision that they want to be strong within their relationships, on their feet, and in their soul — to see, know and enact their mission on this planet.

You have me by your side. And you — if you are somebody who wishes to stand in your truth and make a difference — you have me and the animal kingdom alongside you. We’ll take care of you.

So we all need a little more courage and a little more love for ourselves. More love for our souls than fear of our egos.

We are in this Together.

Why doubt, struggle or feel stuck when the whole animal kingdom is at your service to uplift, love and guide you?

Why struggle alone when you can thrive with your animal qualities?

Why feel uncertain when you can be clear as an eagle?

Why doubt yourself when you can be confident as a lion?

Why feel lost in life or stuck when the whole animal kingdom is waiting to love and connect with you?

Well — and I can tell you honestly — I'm practicing this course myself every day. I know it's working.

Does this mean I'm not afraid? Does this mean I'm enlightened? No, I'm not. I'm practicing.

Let’s dive into the majestic beauty of the Animal Code together.

If every day you take a little action towards loving yourself, imagine where you’d be in a month, a year, a decade?

It's a practice and a choice. Once you make the choice, the decision, it's a practice of nourishing the love that grows within you, and this system gives you that.

It’s a code to experience your true self.

To create a safe place for yourself, within yourself.

What are we here for?

Dogs and Dragons supports you to uplift your relationships with others and yourself.

Why? To find clarity in your life, and the confidence and care to then act upon that clarity. For your inner growth, love and connection.

Exploring, play and look within to find the magic which supports you in your body, mind and spirit.

Your energy becomes so high that you become a magnet for your wishes and dreams to be fulfilled.

This is all about you.

Hand in hand, let’s uplift ourselves completely.