“Dogs never bite me.
Just humans.”

— Marilyn Monroe

There’s a story with two wolves where the baby wolf asks the grandfather, ‘So, what kind of wolf will I be: the one that kills people or the one that loves people?’

And the grandfather says to the baby wolf, ‘You will be the one you feed. You will be what you nourish within you. It's your decision and nobody else's.’

Are you nourishing fear or love in yourself?

Mission Statement

Our mission at Dogs & Dragons is to empower small entrepreneurs and charity leaders, who desire to feel less stressed and more effective, to harmonize their relationship with themselves, their team, and their loved ones. Through the transformative power of the Animal Code and Mystical Code practice, you embark on a journey from uncertainty and a sense of lacking significance to radical confidence and self-love.

These programs are designed to serve you to shift from scarcity to wealth, fulfillment and magic. From outer conflict to inner alignment with the peace of your heart.

Our aim is to inspire you to express your authentic joy, succeed and relax in your magic.