Pre-Event Customer Questionnaire

Pre-Event Questionnaire

for relationship with Dog
What event are you about to attend?Lion Leadership Sessions
What should we call you?Gitta Oellinger
How can we get in touch with you?
079-630 39 16
Who would you like to improve your relationship with?Dog
What is your Dog 's name?Pablo
Describe the three biggest things you most want to learn, change, or reinforce in your relationship?Reinforce trust Help Pablo in difficult situations with other dogs or people Reduce stress and anxiety
What are your 3 primary stressors in your relationship?Hyperactivity outside Barking at noises in the house Removing plants and grass with the teeth outside
What is missing in your relationship? What will it take for you to get or experience what you want?More trust, relaxation and self-confidence
How will you know if you have achieved your outcome from this experience?If Pablo is less stressed outside.