Pre-Event Customer Questionnaire

Pre-Event Questionnaire

for relationship with Dog
What event are you about to attend?Lion Leadership Workshop
What should we call you?Florence Lee
How can we get in touch with you?
Who would you like to improve your relationship with?Dog
What is your Dog 's name?Screech & Amy
Describe the three biggest things you most want to learn, change, or reinforce in your relationship?To increase bond between me and the dogs , the dogs themselves to grow as a family unit and bring our relationship to another level. To increase my own awareness of my interaction with them and the environment so that they feel safe and loved and don't feel the need to protect me. That I can have visitors over or can go on holidays and that they feel safe and can self regulate, To become the leader that they want to follow, to enable them to self regulate , and to enjoy a way of life where we work as a team and that I constantly practice routines that they become calm , happy and have fun to geather.
What are your 3 primary stressors in your relationship?Amy's reactivity she is normally fine but can go from 0 to 1000 in seconds. Screech's insecurity . Balancing the interaction with both dogs both get jealous when I interact with the other
What is missing in your relationship? What will it take for you to get or experience what you want?I need to act as the leader, so that I can interrupt the pattern before both get over aroused. To get the experience I need I will have to become so consistent & repetitive with my interactions/boundaries and also to let them know verbally and non verbally how much I love them and what I expect of them. I need to switch from work mode once I get home and have just me and dog time as they are picking up on my stress. Chill , feed , games meditate with them on repeat.
How will you know if you have achieved your outcome from this experience?Dogs will be calm and responsive to me. Visitors can call and be welcome!. No more barking out the window. Dogs will be calm with each other, and Amy will give Screech space (she doesn't have the concept of personal space yet).