Dog Bonding Opportunity for Dog Parents

Create a powerful love story with your dog.

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Free 2.5-Hour Dog Bonding Opportunity

Your relationship with your dog can either make you feel helpless and frustrated or confident and joyful. It’s time to choose love over fear.

Learn exactly what you need to do to create a thriving bond with your four-legged best friend.
Join Noëlle now, only limited seats available.
Wednesday 16th November
@7:30pm - 10:00pm CET
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From Uncertainty to Clarity

Your dog might be pulling on the leash when you go for walks, chasing after people and animals. Or he might bark at anyone who comes to your home, scaring away guests and affecting your friendships.

It seems so hard to figure out why he’s behaving that way.

How can you know your dog’s specific needs, while fulfilling your own?
How can you create mutual understanding — the foundation of beautiful leadership?

This Dog Bonding Opportunity will take you from uncertainty to clarity.

The Story of Devi

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See how Devi developed from trauma to trust.

Who Will You Learn From?

Noëlle is a former financial trustee turned trustee of the heart. She coaches people to safeguard their hearts and defy their fears.

She’s a visionary, healer, philanthropist and animal lover, who believes that global peace can be achieved by practicing to conquer fear with love, to unify our hearts and take action from oneness consciousness.

Noëlle became animal behavior and communication specialist after adopting Dillie — a beloved stray dog that she encountered on a beach in the Bahamas.

She then founded Citydogs — one of the first dog care, grooming and training services in Zürich — alongside the DogRose charity in Romania which rescues animals and unites them with children.

Noëlle was initiated by H.H. Sai Maa as a Magdalena energy practitioner — a rite of passage which burns away ego in order to be of service.

What Happens When You Join?

You’ll receive:

Two heart-centred sessions of 1.5 hours each of virtual live training on zoom

with Noëlle and other dog parents where you’ll learn from each other’s stories and take action on the unique teaching points.

A chance to win a free 1-on-1 private coaching session with Noëlle.
And don't forget the incredible Dog Bonding workbook

As a bonus:

You’ll be eligible for an exclusive offer on the Lion Leadership Workshop

a 9-hour event over 2 days that empowers you to reclaim a pure love relationship with your dog through the Courage of Lion Leadership.

A Puppy Love Story

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A breakthrough of one of our event participants.

The choices you make about your thoughts, emotions and body language determine your bond with your dog...

Don’t wait until things become unbearable before you do something about it. Maybe you’ve only just started to notice things slipping. Or perhaps they’ve just stopped improving. Or how long will the loving bond last without deep understanding and heartfelt intention?
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