Lion Leadership Sessions for Dog Parents

Reclaim your pure love story with your dog through fierce but tender Lion Leadership.

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3 x 90mins Lion Leadership Sessions

These 3 online sessions are all you need to get started for an unbreakable connection with your dog.

Join Noëlle to learn how becoming a Lion Leader will put your dog at ease and help with common behaviour problems.
Join Noëlle now, only limited seats available. The workshop will take place in 3 sessions over the these 3 weeks.
Session 01 | Monday 28th November @7:30PM - 9PM CET
Session 02 | Monday 5th November @7:30PM - 9PM CET
Session 03 | Monday 12th November @7:30PM - 9PM CET
You will receive a Zoom link after registration.

Your dog just wants to feel safe to submit to you.

The bond between you and your dog is one of the purest and most powerful relationships in your life.

The unconditional joy you receive when coming back home or going out for walks is amongst the most rewarding feelings there is, yes?

This is your opportunity to gain clarity of the dynamics of your relationship with your dog. And therefore empower yourself to guide your dog into feeling safe by your side & having his specific basic needs met by you.

Most dog parents don’t know that they have this power. They’re told to train their dogs to be ‘obedient’ to orders instead of listening with love. Fearful of punishment instead of safe to submit to heart-centred leadership. Bribed with treats instead of lovingly guided by their amazing sense of smell.

To unleash the heart-centered leader in you is my passion. Join us and experience yourself as that! You have got this!

Here’s an opportunity to do things differently.

But opportunity won't change your relationship with your dog. Only action will...

It's time to take the first step towards stepping into your Lion Leadership.

What You'll Take Away From These Three 90min Sessions

Meet Needs - Become addicted to love together!
Learn how to fulfil your dogs specific basic needs and do the same for you. You’ll discover how to create true relational fulfilment and gallop towards everlasting love.
From Fear to Love - Disrupt the fear-based patterns that prevent you from forming a deep connection with your dog.
Discover your hidden resistances and shed them through our intentional practice. 
The Types of Leadership
Realise which of the 4 Types of Leadership  could be making your dog feel frightened instead of safe. Practice bringing your calm, confident presence and intentional to the highest level.
Embody Lion Leadership
You’ll discover how to make fierce and tender Lion Leadership your second nature.  Retrain your body to respond with grounded presence instead of instinctive stress.
Connect with Likeminded Dog Parents
Form beautiful relationships and continue to support each other even after these sessions.
Immerse into Meditation
Discover Noëlle's meditations and relax fully.

The Story of Devi

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See how Devi developed from trauma to trust.

Who Will You Learn From?

Noëlle is a former financial trustee turned trustee of the heart. She coaches people to follow their heart's calling, create meaningful relationships and be in action.

She’s a visionary, healer, philanthropist and animal lover, who believes that global peace can be achieved by practicing to conquer fear with love, to unify our hearts and take action from oneness consciousness.

Noëlle became animal behavior and communication specialist after adopting Dillie — a beloved stray dog that she encountered on a beach in the Bahamas.

She then founded Citydogs — one of the first dog care, grooming and training services in Zürich — alongside the Dog Rose charity in Romania which rescues animals and unites them with children.

Noëlle was initiated by H.H. Sai Maa as a Magdalena energy practitioner and Awakened Life teacher — a rite of passage which burns away ego in order to be of service.

What Happens When You Join?

You’ll receive:

Three lionheart-centred online live experiences over 3 weeks on Zoom:

with Noëlle and other dog parents where you’ll learn from each other’s stories and take action on the unique teaching points to embody Lion Leadership.

A chance to win a free 1-on-1 private coaching session with Noëlle.
Plus the amazing Lion Leadership workbook!

As a bonus:

You'll get access to our private community created exclusively for the Lion Leadership Sessions.

A Puppy Love Story

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A breakthrough of one of our event participants.

Win respect and trust with Lion Leadership.

The Lion Leader is the one who makes everyone around them feel safe while aspiring to be better.

It’s the parent who will pick you up when you’re down and keep you in line when you go too far.

It’s the lover who has the courage to take on the tough conversations without being hurtful.

It’s the leader who will tell you the hard truth in a way that makes you feel stronger.

It’s the visionary you follow because they make you want to, not because they think you have to.

A pure love relationship is yours if you are willing to work towards it. Are you ready to become a Lion Leader for yourself and your dog?

Click below and pounce on this opportunity!