Meet the Team

Noëlle Fueter

Founder & Coach
Delighted Dolphin

Noëlle is a former financial trustee for over 15 years turned trustee of the heart. She coaches people to follow their hearts by defying their fears.

She’s a visionary, energetic healer, philanthropist and animal & nature lover, who believes that global peace can be achieved by practicing to conquer fear with love, to unify our hearts and take action from oneness consciousness.

Noëlle became animal behavior and communication specialist after adopting Dillie in 2005 — a beloved stray dog that she encountered on a beach in the Bahamas.

She then founded Citydogs in 2007 — one of the first dog care, grooming and training services in Zürich - alongside the DogRose charity in Romania in 2011 which rescues animals and unites them with children.

Noëlle was initiated by H.H. Sai Maa as a Magdalena energy practitioner in 2018 — a rite of passage which burns away ego in order to be of service.

Why I Created Dogs & Dragons

Noëlle created the Dogs & Dragons online coaching school in 2022 as a gym, not a classroom.

It’s an ecosystem for people who believe that cooperation within beautiful relationships is humanity’s superpower. Let's follow the leadership of our hearts and create more peace, joy and magic together.

Celine Bindy

Content Production
Artistic Ant
Céline translates Noëlle‘s thoughts into moving images.

Why Am I Aligned With This Project

Art and animals have always been the driving forces in my life. I felt this strong connection, even when I was too little to think about it. Now at Dogs and Dragons, I can use my creativity to finally give something back.

Tobias Fueter

Technical & Creative Director
Emboldened Eagle
Tobi is a filmmaker and entrepreneur with his own commercial film production company stories AG.

Why Am I Aligned With This Project

"I have known my wife for over twenty years now and know how she can transform people's lives in a second with her amazing energy and positive power. I cannot wait to see what she can do with Dogs & Dragons for you."


Social Media
Branding Bees
Seed is a social media marketing agency whose stellar storytelling creates beautiful relationships between brands and people.

Why Are We Aligned With This Project

Dogs & Dragons stood out to us as a fresh take on self-improvement. Everyone loves animals so we immediately saw how connecting with them could prove to be popular across cultures and generations.