Rise into Your Heart

Level 1: Animal Code

Level 1: The Animal Code

Unleash Your Animal Superpowers

Discover how the superpower of animals can help you set out on the path to your dreams and make them come true. Accompanied by Noëlle, your inspiring guide, you share your journey with wonderful like-minded souls. Experience the support of a thriving community. We are in this together. Let's go!

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Designed to serve you to step into the path of your heart.

Practice to align with the wisdom and powers of animals and apply them to fulfill your dreams. With a focus on real-world problem-solving, we serve you to gain the radical confidence and self-love you need to face any challenge.

Discover the magic of the Animal Code.

By practicing the Animal Code, you experience your heart-centred power to overcome difficult situations through aligning with the innate qualities of animals. Discover peace within yourself. This allows you to achieve your goals, with us by your side every step of the way.

Every class another animal superpower.

We show you how to apply animal wisdom to face any challenge. By adopting an animal's perspective, you'll discover new solutions. With a fresh outlook on life you tap into your inner wealth. This is the foundation of creating outer success.

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Energy Level 1

12 Week Program in 3 Parts

Embark on a transformative journey to unlock the secrets of the Animal Code to discover your vision, mission and purpose. In the 3 parts of this 12-week online program, you will gain clarity on your deepest desire - your heart's calling. By completing all three parts you will maximise your benefit. The individual parts can also be booked consecutively.

Discover new ways to overcome life's uncertainties. Take the first step towards unleashing your true potential. This program is all about you and your growth, helping you to reach your goals by discovering your hearts calling, creating a winning team and becoming unstoppable.
or start with part 1 for 4 weeks below
Part 1

Discover Your
Heart's Calling

Gain clarity on what you want to achieve.

Part 2

Create a
Winning Team

Attract like-minded people to join you on your journey.

Part 3


Manifest your vision with courageous action & flow.

4 times A equals...

Awareness, Acceptance, Alignment & Action

Achieve vivid results with our innovative approach of combining the powerful qualities of animals with the Dogs & Dragons 4 A’s, applied since thousands of years in spiritual practices all over the world:

Awareness, Acceptance, Alignment & Action.

These beautiful 4 pillars move you into the sacred geometry of a Fermat's Spiral bringing your practice into a powerful flow. Aligning each of the 4 A’s with animal qualities unlocks a new level of self-discovery for you.
May this program empower you to cultivate wealth, engaging in what you genuinely love and collaborating with people whose company you cherish. It is designed to serve you to positively impact the world and foster your personal growth.

Meet the Passionate Animal Lover Who Created these Programs

Noëlle is an inspiring, fun and compassionate guide with a lifelong passion for animals and a deep knowledge of spiritual teachings. Drawing on her extensive background, she has developed the Animal, Mystical & Heart Code exclusively for the Dogs & Dragons programs. They are designed to help you unlock your vision, mission and purpose to create a life of wealth, fulfillment and magic.

Noëlle is a former financial trustee turned trustee of the heart. She guides people to follow their heart's calling, create meaningful relationships and be confident in action.

She’s a visionary, healer, philanthropist and animal lover, who believes that global peace can be achieved by practicing to conquer fear with love, to unify our hearts and take action from oneness consciousness.

Noëlle became animal behavior and communication specialist after adopting Dillie — a beloved stray dog that she encountered on a beach in the Bahamas.

She then founded Citydogs — one of the first dog care, grooming and training services in Zürich — alongside the Dog Rose charity in Romania which rescues animals and unites them with children.

Noëlle was initiated by H.H. Sai Maa as a Magdalena energy practitioner and Awakened Life guide — a rite of passage which burns away ego in order to be of true service.

Vivifying Live Online Sessions

Zoom into a Wild World with Us

During your program, you will be using Zoom. All participants receive a link to join the sessions via email before each class. We also provide access to a private Telegram group where participants can connect with each other and with your guide, Noëlle Fueter and her team.
In addition, we provide you with access to recordings of each alignment meditation, a workbook and recommended readings. All materials are accessible through our online learning platform, which you receive access to upon registration. If you have any questions about the course platform or the resources provided, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to support you every step of the way!

Better Together

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